Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

On Tuesday Sept. 8th, 2009 Susan's Dad cooked a BBQ meal for a large number of Aggies who were gathered at the new Brazos Valley Coalition For Life Headquarters. One thing was certain, Susie would have been beaming with pride over this group of Aggies For Life and student members of the CFL who would train after the BBQ for the upcoming 40 Days For Life campaign.

The new HQ had only been opened for a few days and already young women were walking in to get counseling and pregnancy information. The HQ is about a one minute walk from the dreaded abortion clinic. Here are some photos from the BBQ.

The Coalition NOW has a fully assembled BBQ Grill courtesy of Team Susie.

Knowing how the grill was assembled please pray it stays assembled.

Susie's husband Andrew and Dad, Joe Sr. It was great to see

Andrew who is now a police officer in College Station.

Andrew and CFL Ex.Dir. and friend of Susie's, Shawn Carney

2009 Aggies For Life pictured from left are VP Jennifer Rumpf, President

Mike Miller, Treasurer Eric Salley and Secretary/VP Veronica Arnold.

Who needs chairs with such a nice lawn!

Keith Hertzog and Shawn Carney watch for BBQ smoke signals.

Aggies are blessed with good appetites. 

Supporting LIFE is a family activity.

What a great group of young Americans!

That's Karen Piper, 2009 Team Susie Scholarship recipient

Here's Jennifer Llyod 2009 Team Susie Scholarship recipient. 

Board members of the CFL showed up for fellowship and BBQ.