Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

Roc Matlee Tyler was a happy little youngster who was loved and loved back with the enthusiasm only a child has. Without warning this precocious child suddenly collapsed and passed into the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ January 15, 2013 just shy of his 5th birthday. When a child dies the community of friends, family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers envelop the family. As time moves on the family is left to cope with the loss as people move on with their own lives. Tears truly never end, and at times they are a welcome joy.

So it was unexpected when the kindest of kind gestures arrived in the mail. Roc's maternal grandfather Lee Woods had decided to make a contribution to the Team Susie For Life Scholarship in the memory of his beloved grand child, Roc.

And so this portion of the website will be dedicated to those who wish to make memorials in the name of loved ones and be known as Roc's Page.