Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

Susie left behind a lasting,living,legacy by miraculously saving SIX LIVES! Today, there are six children alive and saved from abortion because Susie had the courage and compassion to offer support and hope to strangers in crisis. 

 It became even  clearer to Susie as she fought for her own life that life truly is precious and must be protected, fought for, and cherished.  

She did her best with her short life and accomplished so much with her time here on earth. Even while battling an unknown, untreatable, aggressive cancer and undergoing life-draining and painful procedures, surgeries, and treatments Susie maintained her passionate campaign to save lives from abortion. She mustered up the strength to travel from San Antonio to College Station even when there wasn't strength to stand or walk just for the opportunity to continue to live her faith and help others in need.           


Her impact on this world lives on!

It was Susie's wish to establish this memorial scholarship fund in the hopes to further encourage and support other young life-lovers to keep up their work and never give up hope for a better tomorrow. Saving lives and providing meaningful compassion is honorable indeed.

You can help this legacy live on! 

Join Team Susie!

                  Susie and Andrew pictured at Midnight Yell                                  A festive and fun Aggie tradition!                 ~September 22, 2006