Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

How do you sum up in but a few words a life? Any life. It normally takes more than a few words. Susie’s life cannot be summed up simply. The complete record of her life resides within those who knew her here on earth. For those who are learning about her for the first time within the pages of this web site we will try and bring to you a better understanding of who Susie was.

Susie was an angel once before during a posada at St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Her happiness was captured on film. She was the picture of happiness as she and other school children sang carols in the neighborhood. She had on white wings that Christmas Eve.

With a baseball cap tilted to one side and pulled down low because it was too big for her head Susie lowered the STOP sign attached to a wooden pole and nodded to the other school children they could cross safely.

Eyes closer together than normal, brow furrowed, hands hitting the air at her sides Susie was mad. Frustrated that her Dad insisted she just keep trying to ski. She didn’t want to. She wanted to sit at the ski lodge and watch people. Or better yet she said “just let me go back to the condo, why do I have to learn how to ski? I don’t want to”.

Sticking her tongue out at me in a playful way she will forever remain a young child who was so much fun to be around.

Walking alone, not because she was alone because she wasn’t, Susie went into the doctor’s office to get the news on her condition. Why did she faced the news she was dying alone? Courage. She then allowed her family in to visit with the doctor for a few questions. She limited them. She had an inner strength that never quit.

“I want to pick where we go on vacation this year. I want to go to London.” Susie wished she had been born there at times. She like so many young girls dreamed of being a princess and Princess Diana was so influential in Susie’s life. Elton John didn’t realize he was writing about more than just the princess he loved. His song writing transcended his intentions. He was writing about our Princess Susie.

“Granda Ma Lucy, come down, I want to visit with you.” Susie called from her wheelchair, herself no longer able to walk even a few steps. Her grandmother Lucy frail and only days from God’s doorstep herself entered the room for their last visit together. “God bless you. I love you.” They each said when they parted.

One enduring quality Susie had was the ability to love unconditionally. She loved her family and friends each and every one of them but she especially adored children and dreamed of one day being a mother of a large family. 


                           Susan Marie Calvey-Martin                       

       December 31, 1984 ~ February 14, 2007