Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

“I want to go to Texas A&M,” Susie proclaimed and indeed got her wish. She once wanted to attend St. Andrews in Scotland -seriously- and would have too had she not been in love with an Aggie-to-be. A young fellow who would become a Corps of Cadet member, Andrew Martin. It turned out to be the perfect choice for Susie.


Enriched with the rigorous academic demands both during the normal school term and in the summer sessions, Susie hit her stride. She loved attending classes and rarely missed. She  was also filled with so much school spirit and pride and attended Midnight Yell pep rallies, loved wearing maroon, and frequently said 'howdy.' College life was good.

Lowry Mays wrote Susan’s Dad saying, “she was a role model.”

Governor of Texas, Rick Perry with Susie as they watched the Aggies defeat Army in the Alamodome Sept. 16, 2006. Susie had her new wig on that day. “The Governor played with it in his fingers” she whispered.  It had been a special day. 


Cancer halted an incredible Aggie from living her dreams. Susie aspired to graduating (expected May 2007) and continuing her education further to become a clinical psychologist and one day operate her own practice.

She dreamed since childhood of one day having seven children of her own and once during a scary trip to the emergency room she told her sister, Laura, she now wanted ten children. When Laura asked Susie, who was heavily medicated for the pain, if she had heard her correctly, Susie told her yes, that she wanted ten because it would give her three more to love. That was just the kind of sweetheart she really was.

Tumors broke Susie's neck in May 2006 and were discovered because throughout finals Susie had been in so much pain and agony. Despite all that she still got good grades.

Living with cancer was extremely hard for Susie as well as for those who loved her. The news came fast and furious and hope was minimal. She had to endure 65 radiation treatments which made her sick and lose her long beautiful hair. The chemotherapy was harsh and lasted for hours and eventually became 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Transfusions, procedures, and a surgery that would ensure Susie would never eat again didn't wipe out her Fighting Texas Aggie Spirit. Susie hated knowing her time was coming. She said, "It sucks having an expiration date." She never gave up the will to survive. She always looked to the future and often remarked about returning to A&M.  She even tried to attend online although with all the medications and pain, it was too tiring.

Susie was happy to have met Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates, who posed for pictures with Susie and Team Susie supporters. It was another of many proud Aggie moments Susie was a part of.

Pictured with Susie and Andrew and several awesome Corps of Cadet members is University President and soon to be Secretary of Defense, Dr. Robert Gates.

As her body failed and the pain mounted beyond what words can describe Susie found some comfort in her final weeks in being an Aggie. The fine tradition of Silver Taps and Muster gave our Susie reassurance and pride. She explained that she knew it was in her future, that it was what it meant to be an Aggie. It means tradition. It means keeping a promise to a fellow student. It means that you are an Aggie for life.

Softly call the Muster.                                                           Let comrade answer "Here!"                                                     Their spirits hover 'round us                                                    As if to bring us cheer!                                                         ~Dr. John Aston, 1906                                 

Muster ceremony 2007 Plaque received by brother, Joey Calvey

Susie never gave up, never quit. When things were bad, when hope needed to be maintained, she would say softly “Fighting Texas Aggie."