Big News on Sept. 18th, 2010 Susie's Scholarship was endowed. God bless you Susie, your dream is alive!

Susie was a sister to Annalisa, Laura and Joey.  Susie was the youngest of the three girls and the older sister to Joey.

Susie was an amazing sister and the best of us all. She was bright and fun, beautiful and silly, intense and passionate, caring and loving. A beautiful, sweet soul with such depth. A talker and funny girl, she always lit up the room and was the life of the party. Susie's smile was captivating, her wit and charm top-notch. If you knew her, you really knew her. If you really knew her, you liked her. She was a likable girl who always made you feel important and special.

Susie had such a flair for the dramatics and one favorite family memory is how she would wear really bright red lipstick when she was a tiny little thing, maybe 3 or 4! Susie also was comfortable in front of the camera and it's cute to see what a little ham she always was, such a comedian! The girl had spunk.

We will always feel her absence in our lives but her spirit isn't gone from our hearts and minds. Susie was a phenomenal example to us. Susie exhibited such character, such dignity and such wisdom during the worst time of her life. She loved so much and often worried more about us then herself. She made sure we knew she loved us and that she knew we loved her. Forever.